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PROMAS has remained focused on the needs of the fee-based residential property manager for over 35 years. Any property management software can manage the basic collection of rent and management fees, but when problem tenants or demanding owners create unusual or complex situations  our mature accounting systems and experienced staff can help you handle the situation without the need to know accounting and without sending you to an outside consultant.


PROMAS is not restricted to the desktop. Our software runs in the cloud, in house, on an office network, or stand alone. Microsoft server technology adds the capability to run on almost any Windows, Apple, or ios device with an internet connection. All this using an easily transportable and archivable database. Whether or not your state requires your historical computer records be kept in an accessible format it’s a good idea to do so – something that can’t be said of cloud-only solutions.


You own the actual database used by the software, so take it anywhere you like. You always have the ability to use our software to access your core business data in the way you want. No matter what software you buy make sure you know what happens to your ability to access and use your data if your relationship with the vendor ends. With PROMAS you can always have meaningful access to your data if you or one of your customers are audited or if your state real estate commission requires you to maintain business records.


PROMAS products adapt to the way you do business. Every property manager has different requirements and we’ve been around long enough to make sure our software can adapt to your needs. This flexibility is especially important if you intend to grow by acquisition – odds are PROMAS can handle the fee structure of the acquired company.  We are experts at property management accounting and we have partners that are experts at credit checks, listing services, electronic payment processing, and more. You choose the services you need and the best providers for you.