The Professional Landlord is designed specifically for property managers and will improve your productivity and save time over a non-industry specific accounting package even when managing a small number of properties. We have been helping property managers be more productive and meet regulatory requirements for over 25 years. Some of the features you’ll find:

For Fee Based Property Managers


Batch posting of management fees

• Many ways to calculate management fees

• Management fees can post at time of payment or later as batch post

• Can review and change before posting

Batch posting of owner distributions

• ACH, Pre-printed  or MICR Checks

• Many ways to automatically reserve funds from distribution

• Can be sent to part time addresses or third parties

• Can review and change before posting

Batch posting of late fees

For All Property Managers


Robust security deposit tracking

• Move out processing

• Partial release of security deposits

Industry specific fully integrated double entry accounting

• Internal auditing can analyze accounts for common data entry errors, security deposit issues, and techniques known to have been used to commit fraud or theft.

Electronic filing of 1099’s

• Vendor payments and tenant interest

• TIN matching to avoid penalties

• Substitute 1099’s.

A Sampling of More Features


Highly Customizable Reports

• Can be saved for reuse

• Can be formatted for mailing, publishing and emailing

Flexible owner statements

• Different statement styles can be selected for each owner.

• Can be sent to third parties or alternate addresses

• Can be uploaded to an optional internet portal

Important Date Tracking

• Inspections due, service contracts, vendor insurance expirations, warranties, lease expirations, move ins, move outs, and more.

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