Security is a lot more than backing up and protecting data. The Professional Landlord can be licensed – you can own instead of lease. Owning a license secures access to your core business financial records with the software that created them. More important you have access to your records during the time frame that you or your customers could be subject to an audit. No matter what software you buy make sure you know what happens if your relationship with the vendor ends, whether by choice or not. With a license nothing changes. Without a license you may be left with data that is cumbersome to use or no data at all.

PROMAS is not restricted to the desktop. Our software runs in the cloud, in house, on an office network, or stand alone. Microsoft server technology adds the capability to run on almost any Windows, Apple, or Android device with an internet connection. All this using an easily transportable and archivable database. Whether or not your state requires your historical computer records be kept in an accessible format it’s a good idea to do so – something that can’t be said of cloud-only solutions.